September Favorites!

I love favorites features. Favorites videos by some of the best YouTubers like (her and her and her!) along with favorites posts from some great bloggers (like her and her and her!) inspire me to think back over the past month and realize how grateful I am to have these people/products/opportunities in my life. I love this idea and I think that everyone should do their own, even if nobody ever sees it. Being grateful and appreciative and aware are always in style.

So here are my favorites for the month of September:


ToneItUp! : I am in love with the Tone It Up community. The Tone It Up (TIU, for short) program isn’t something I have invested in just yet, but I do anticipate getting my hot little hands on a copy of their plan in the near future. For now, I have settled with being motivated by their community on Instagram in particular. I really love to see what everyone else is doing/eating. Is that weird? Plus, Karena and Katrina are gorgeous, AND the nutrition portion is customizable for gluten-free girls, vegetarians, etc. For more info on TIU and pricing, check here.

Pumps and Iron : I just can’t get over Nicole. She inspires me to be more fit than I am, and the way she’s re-categorized her site makes me so happy. All of the workouts she posts are now easily accessible based on what equipment you have. Genius!

Camelbak hydration bottles. Getting 2.5 L of water everyday is no easy feat. I find that when I don’t carry this thing, I am always shy (way shy!) of my target water consumption for the day. When I carry it, I have no trouble meeting my target. You can buy them for about $20 each here.


2 simple things: Scarves and boots. This will probably not change until spring. This is not in any way a claim that I am low-maintenance, just that I love my basics and have MANY of them.

Finance: : OK, everyone knows about and the app, but I just have to sing its praises again. I don’t have to fumble with three different bank apps to know where I’m at, at any given moment in the month. As an update, I have currently paid off a full $11,000 this year on my student loans. What was the start number? Something like $43,000, right? Now we are hovering at the $32,000 mark. I couldn’t be happier. I definitely attribute some of my success to Mint.


As I said here, I am so in love with Pinterest. And Paperless Post. What a time we are living in.


I could probably make a list a mile long here. Seriously. I’m a beauty junkie/addict. It’s a problem. I’ll keep the list under 10 to be a good sport.

  1. Bioderma – this is literally the best stuff in the whole world and a lazy girl’s dream. Totally deserves the favorite spot if you can get your hands on it. In Toronto, I have seen only the small bottles and they are far more expensive than they were to pick up the large bottles in France. In Paris, I picked up 2x 500 mL bottles for… 18 Euro. Here? 200 mL can set you back almost $20. Ouch.
  2. I can’t live a day without mascara. Seriously, I tried it about three weeks ago and ended up in a picture with a high-profile public figure for my day job. Not a good look. My favorites right now are the L’Oreal Telescopic, Benefit’s They’re Real, and Maybelline’s Volum’ Express The Rocket. I know that I’ve listed three… but I’m going to count them as one.
  3. Red lipstick. I love loud lips – berry, plum, orange and everything in between – but nothing is better than the classic red. Of course, there are about 100 shades of red, but my favorite right now has been a battle between Ruby Woo (or RiRi Woo!) and Lancome’s Color Design Lipstick in Red Haute. I rock these bright lips even at my (casual) office. Shameless.
  4. Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate. Trust me, if your skin is as dry as mine is, this might just save your life.
  5. White eyeliner. I love the look of white liner in the waterline. I’m sticking with my tried and true black gel liner for the upper lid though. I’m not sure I’ll ever give it up. I don’t have a preference when it comes to my white eyeliner to be honest. I’ve been playing with a bunch but none are real standouts. Everyone seems to like the NYX slide on pencils though, if you’re in the market. Bonus: They’re cheap!
  6. I guess that means black gel liner is #6 on the favorites list. Let’s face it, once you’ve mastered the look you like, it’s just such an easy go-to. Right now I’ve been trying to master the Rimmel Scandaleyes waterproof, but I don’t find that they’re as waterproof as they claim. Stick with the Maybelline Lasting Drama or MAC’s Fluidline in Blacktrack.
  7. MAC’s Pro Longwear Concealer. Oh. My. Word. This stuff is goooooood. I heard so many good things about this concealer from YouTube that I ran out and bought it (the 10th time it was mentioned) and I do not regret it.
  8. Speaking of my MAC obsession (I really had no idea!) I am in love with their pigments. I received a few as a gift for Christmas some years ago from a good friend who had no idea that I had never tried anything MAC before. They sat unused on my shelf until this month. I have about… 5 colors, and they were all limited edition. Fortunately, you can still get a wide range of gorgeous shades (that will last you forever!) for about $25. Steep for an eyeshadow? I think it’s worth the investment if you get a classic color like Tan that you will blend with for as long as makeup exists.
  9. Aveeno lotion. My skin is itchy, dry and flaky all year ’round, so I need something soothing, fragrance-free and fast-absorbing. I looooooove me some Aveeno lotion in the green or blue bottles – I think one’s regular and one is for itchy skin. They are a must-have at any time of the year.
  10. Chanel’s Coco Mademoiselle. It is heaven in a bottle. Period.


I am just so in love. And I know not everyone else is or cares, so I’ll leave it at that. I’m blessed and grateful to have this man (and his entire, wonderful family!) in my life.

What are your September favorites? Do you share any of my loves this month?

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